Amazon announces e-export from Turkey to Europe

U.S.-based e-commerce giant Amazon has announced it has initiated e-exports from "" Turkey to Europe, a statement by the company said.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will be able to export their products in dozens of categories, including fashion, home appliances, electronics and personal care, to Europe through ""

The products of the major players of the classic retail sector, as well as local businesses, the backbone of the Turkish economy, will reach millions of active customers through "" in 28 European countries, including Britain and Germany.

Amazon has invested billions of dollars in infrastructure and technical services to help SMEs reach new customers around the world.

With the launch of the e-export program, SMEs will have the opportunity to sell products not only in the categories specified on the website, but also many other products such as beauty, handmade products or car accessories in the countries where Amazon operates in Europe. Country Manager Richard Marriott said e-exports to Europe were a significant turning point for Turkish SMEs. "We are excited to introduce Turkish SMEs, known for their entrepreneurial spirit, to millions of potential active customers," Marriott said. "Since the incorporation of sellers in 2000, Amazon has become one of the biggest supporters of entrepreneurial growth all over the world. As, we will launch exports from Turkey to Europe with the efforts we have made for SMEs to grow, develop and strengthen. We continue to make various investments for the success of the sellers, offer tools to reduce their burdens and support them to increase their sales."

Marriott said the e-export program, designed in line with Amazon Europe's advanced technology, world-class logistics infrastructure and expert customer service, was a great opportunity for businesses in Turkey to grow and promote their products across Europe.

According to the statement, the e-export program, where small and large businesses can easily register through the Amazon registration page, enables sellers to sell their products to customers in Europe.

In addition to the opportunity to benefit from Amazon Logistics Services with the e-export program, Turkish SMEs will also have access to easy listing tools, payment transactions, credit card fraud protection systems, promotional features to help potential customers discover them, and various reports and analyzes to increase sales throughout Europe.

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