Honda to shut Turkish auto plant by 2021

Honda Turkey Chairman Takuya Tsumura. (AA Photo)

Honda Turkey Inc. has decided to terminate its automobile manufacturing operations in Turkey in 2021 following the completion of the existing production of the Civic Sedan model, the company said in a statement released on Monday.

In a written statement, Honda Turkey has announced its decision to discontinue production at the Turkey-based factory.

The statement revealed that the decision was made because of developments in the electrification field in the global automotive industry and the necessity of ensuring the appropriate production capacity based on these developments.

"Having successfully maintained its automobile production activities in Turkey for 22 years, Honda Turkey is proud to have reached all of its goals in this period. Honda's impressive performance in the last few years is the most important evidence of the company's great confidence in the Turkish market. Therefore, Honda Turkey will continue to offer sales and after-sales operations beyond 2021 with high quality services that it offers to its customers. In this respect, automobile operations consisting of the import and distribution of vehicles in Turkey will continue without interruption. Honda Motorcycle operations will not be affected by this decision," the official statement read.

Honda Turkey Chairman Takuya Tsumura underlined in the statement that they are aware of the need to spearhead the rapidly changing market dynamics and technological developments, adding, "This situation inevitably affects our automobile production operations in Turkey."

Tsumura also stated that they will provide all kinds of support, including re-employment, to employees affected by the decision. Currently, the company employs approximately 1,100 people.

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