Nearly 4.2M women employed in Turkey in last decade

Women constitute half of new jobs created in Turkey in the last decade, thanks to the government's employment mobilization program, according to Labor and Social Security Minister Jülide Sarıeroğlu on Wednesday.

Sarıeroğlu told Anadolu Agency Turkey generated more than 8.6 million new jobs in the last decade.

"Nearly 4.2 million women were employed during this period. This is a unique Turkish success story," she said, added that she aims to increase this number further.

The minister said the government had introduced an employment mobilization program in order to decrease unemployment in Turkey.

Sarıeroğlu also said the labour force participation rate for women was 33.8 percent in Turkey.

"Our 2023 target is 41 percent. I believe that we will exceed this target in 2023," she said.

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