Turkey's industrial capacity usage goes slightly down

Turkish manufacturing industry's capacity utilization rate slipped slightly in January, according to the Turkish Central Bank on Thursday.

The capacity utilization rate dropped by 0.8 points to 78.2 percent in the month from 79 percent in December.

The data revealed the seasonally-adjusted capacity utilization rate also decreased by 0.3 points from December to 78.7 percent in January.

The main industrial groupings saw a decline in capacity utilization during the same period.

The figure was 78.5 percent on average last year.

The index saw its last five year's highest level in November 2017 at 79.9 percent and the lowest in February 2013 at 73.5 percent.

The data are based on responses given to the Central Bank's "Business Tendency Survey" by some 2103 companies operating in the manufacturing industry.

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