Turkey: Over $125B revenue in January-September


The cash revenues of Turkey's Treasury reached nearly 452.7 billion Turkish liras (around $125.7 billion) as of September, according to an official statement on Friday.

Between January and September, the Treasury's non-interest expenditures amounted to some 457.8 billion Turkish liras (nearly $127 billion), close to the revenues.

The Treasury collected 10.5 billion Turkish liras ($2.9 billion) in privatization and fund income -- includes the transfer made by the Turkish Privatization Administration, 4.5G license payment, land sales revenue etc., in the same period.

Interest payments over the same period climbed to 45.8 billion Turkish liras ($12.7 billion), making them the main contribution to the balance deficit.

The nine-month cash balance -- a nearly $11.2 billion deficit -- represents the Treasury's cash revenues plus privatization and fund income minus its expenditures including interest payments.

The official report also showed that the Treasury's cash balance for last month was a deficit of 9.85 billion liras ($2.83 billion), compared to surplus of 2.97 billion liras ($847 million) in August.

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