Turkey’s T-625 helicopter to take flight in 2018


The utility helicopter is due for its maiden flight in 2018.

The Defense Ministry announced on Friday that the T-625, a five-ton utility class helicopter, will conduct its first flight in 2018.

The T-625 helicopter spans a length of 15.87 m (52 ft) and has two motors and five blades on the main rotor. The diameter of the main rotor is 13.2 m (43 ft).

The helicopter has a standard fuel capacity of 1020 kg (2248 lb) and retractable landing gear.

The T-625 helicopter's cockpit boasts advanced avionics and multi-mission capability with a six metric-ton gross weight.

The helicopter is designed primarily in a military capacity, but can also be used in air ambulance operations as well as in offshore and search and rescue missions.

With the support of the government, Turkey's defense industry has reached a production capacity exceeding $5 billion and an export capacity exceeding $1.65 billion.

The sector has continued to grow with the domestic projects it has developed for the armed forces.

Source: Yeni Şafak

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